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Love my experience here always! Learn something new every time with all the new technology they have. Highly recommend.
2 weeks ago
- Eric M.
Dr. Albohor and his staff are wonderful. They are friendly and efficient with all the latest technology. This was my fastest eye appointment in years. I was so tired of taking 2 hours for an eye appointment so time for a change. Dr A is the best. He explained everything clearly and I got my new script!
3 months ago
- Pamela S.
Dr Alboher was very thorough in his examination, explained things clearly, and answered any questions I had. He successfully diagnosed my dry eye issue and came up with a treatment plan that is easy to follow and maintain and has made all the difference. The ladies at the front desk for check in, doing the initial eye tests, and helping select and fit glasses were all wonderful. Definitely recommend this office.
3 months ago
- Barbara W.
Highly recommend Dr. Alboher! Him and his team are knowledgeable and friendly. They have up to date technology and the visits run smooth and quick. They also have a Dr. in the practice that will do infant exams.
3 months ago
- Jacqueline Y.
Entire family visits the practice and entire family is happy! 🙂
3 months ago
- Al U.
The Dr was so thorough, he explained everything in such detail and it was easy for me to understand. I had no idea how much you could tell about your general health through your eyes. He also addressed my dry eye in serious regard. I have been complaining about this to eye doctors for the last 10 years and they keep telling me that i can use drops to add moisture. That has been having a minimal impact for me. This Dr proactively asked if I would like to do something to positively affect my dry eyes so they stop bothering me. I was blown away.. i had no idea there were other options. I really love this place and feel so good about putting my eye care in their hands.
4 months ago
- Aneesa C.
I just had an appointment with Dr. Alboher who was super knowledgeable, detailed, patient, and friendly. The rest of the staff was also great and the office seems to have very good technology for eye health screening - would definitely recommend Offen!
4 months ago
- Daniel N.