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Vision Shaping Treatment or Orthokeratology


Vision Shaping Treatment is a nonsurgical alternative to laser surgery designed to reduce myopia. Using specially designed contact lenses that you wear each night while you sleep, the cornea will be reshaped to restore your vision. Because the cornea is highly elastic, however, this treatment must be used consistently over time. If not, the cornea will return to its previous shape. Once the correct shape of the cornea is achieved, retainer lenses must be worn while sleeping to maintain your vision. There is no daytime lens wear associated with Vision Shaping Treatment.


Vision Shaping Treatment is ideal for patients whose myopia is progressive. It is especially effective for children with progressive myopia as it helps to slow down further vision decline.


Both Dr. Offen and a member of her staff have undergone corneal molding and are thrilled with their results for the past few years. Dr. Offen has successfully treated dozens of patients of all ages. 


Offen Eye Associates can evaluate your vision, eye health and lifestyle to determine if Vision Shaping Treatment  will work for you. For more information contact Offen Eye Associates or visit the Orthokeratology Academy of America.