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Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

There are many types of contact lenses available. At Offen Eye Associates, we will help you select the right kind to best fit your lifestyle and health needs. We carry the latest FDA approved contact lenses. Through our affiliations with contact lens providers we conduct studies to test new contact lenses and we are often the only office in our local area to carry newly approved contact lenses. Since we have most types of contact lenses in stock, you can usually have your contact lens prescription filled the same day. And you can reorder your contact lenses anytime through our online store.  If you don't see your lenses, call or e-mail us at and let us know the quantity you need. We'll take care of the rest



 We offer:


Soft contact lenses - Soft contact lenses are comfortable and correct for conditions such as myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia.
Disposable lenses - Disposable lenses are replaced on a regular basis, usually one week after overnight wear or two weeks of daily wear. They are available for most types of vision correction.
Daily disposable lenses -
Daily disposable lenses, such as 1-Day Acuvue®, are replaced after each use and require no lens care. They are perhaps the healthiest type of lens because any debris, buildup or bacteria will be thrown away along with the lens after each use. They are available for most types of vision correction.
Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) lenses - Rigid Gas Permeable lenses may provide better visual acuity than soft lenses. They are considered healthier for the eye since they let more oxygen into the eye. RGP lenses are available for most types of vision correction.




Our contact lens staff are able to answer many of your questions and are available for ongoing contact lens instruction and training.  We have vast experience with cosmetic considerations such as colored contacts that change eye color completely or just modify eye color slightly.



Contact Lenses after 40

Your vision may be changing now that you are 40 or over. Your vision for reading and other close work may begin to blur and you may also see changes in your distance vision. Although these changes may seem uncomfortable, there is good news. You do not need to rely on reading glasses or bifocal glasses to correct these problems. Now there are contact lenses that can provide solutions for these vision problems.

  • Bifocal Lenses- Bifocal contact lenses, like bifocal eyeglasses, have a prescription for both near and far vision in each lens. They come in a variety of designs.
  • Monovision - A pair of contact lenses, one focused on near and the other focused on distance vision, can be worn in place of reading glasses or bifocals.
  • Distance contact lenses- A pair of contact lenses required for distance vision can be used in conjunction with reading glasses.

The final lens selection will depend on results from your eye exam. At Offen Eye Associates, you will receive quality care from an optometric physician experienced in eye health care for patients over 40.





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